Thursday, June 23, 2011

Episode 7: Minisode Yo!

This is our first minisode. Due to the fact that we will be out of town for the next week we wanted to go ahead and get an update out. We cover the patch notes for update 1.3 and also the first hotfix. And yes that crazy sound at the beginning of the episode was left there intentionally by Fitzpatrick. Oddly enough it is myself making some sort of weird noises for sound check. Hehe! Anyways, enjoy the minisode yo! :)

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Links Mentioned in the Show:
-Rift 1.3 Notes
-Rift Hotfix #1
-Rift Character Transfer Shard List
-Rift Character Transfer Step-by-Step

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Waves of Madness" - Update 1.3 Arrives Tomorrow!!

Well folks, the time is upon us. Update 1.3 will arrive tomorrow! Who's excited?! Ok, obviously I am. The 2 hour downtime waiting for it is going to be painful but we'll survive. So, you've heard what all is coming...what are you most excited for?

Also, you can now follow us on Twitter @got_podcast. :)

Happy Rifting!

-Allison <3

P.S. - Check out this freakin' awesome new reward mount from the events!! He's so ugly but I want him anyway!! =D

Invasion from the Plane of... Sound?

Starting Tuesday next week through Friday me and Allison will be part of what is a yearly tradition for myself. Outside of Podcasting, gaming and working like a regular joe I also travel a bit under the name Fitzpatrick (big shocker) as a dj / electronic music producer. Most of the music I create / play out live is in the neighborhood of electro house, progressive house, breaks and all that goodness.

Come next week I will be joined by my epic raid team of djs, producers, visual effects, and sound team which will work together to take down the boss of the After Hours Stage. Hosted by and records, with sound by (which is totally legendary) and visual effects by our mad scientist Jeremy Kadinger this yearly stage at the Cornerstone Music festival is always one to turn heads and move feet.

I will be playing on the 30th the closing slot for the night at the Afterhours Stage. Which is funny how it all timed out because Allison's birthday is also on the 30th. So be sure to send her some bday wishes!

We will get back to the podcast as soon as we get home and can get it together, but until then if you are a fan of electronic music of any kind head over to and check out the link to my latest album "Steam Powered Space Train".

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 6: Attack of the Coffee Breath!

Here we are again with Episode 6! This week we cover Rift 1.3, the Pyromancer soul, and I am faced with Fitzpatrick's coffee breath! Eep! We have also opened up the guild for recruitment. Please contact Fitzbenni, Fitzpatrick, Arial or Kenley on the Belmont shard or send us an email at Enjoy the show!!

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Links Mentioned in the Show:
-Crafting Marketplace:
-Gearscore Addon:
-Rift 1million sell-through article:

Also, I wanted to link the Public Test Shard forum. Here, Trion has released the 1.3 changes in class specific sticky posts. Go leave some feedback so that your voice can be heard!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adult Swim - The Guild

Belmont Guardians RIFT (PVE) - Velen Alliance WOW (PVE)

So Me and Allison have been discussing opening Adult Swim to our audience to join along in our guild And well, we have finally come to a point where we have decided that answer is yes. Due to the fact that I am currently way too busy to be part of a raid team or any serious progression guild we'd rather be at home with people we know and like. 

Adult Swim of Belmont is a casual / social guild at this time. We will be working towards t1/t2 dungeons, expert rifts and raid rifts. Raids will also be possible but until we get our numbers up it will be more of a pug in a few type situation. Otherwise we just want to enjoy our time in Telara and progress together. As we move along if anyone is interested in leading a raid group for us we will be behind it 100%, we just dont currently have the time.

If you are interested in joining up just let me Fitzpatrick / Fitzbenni or Arial on Belmont (PVE) know and we can toss you an invite. If you are waiting for the shard transfers to go live soon then just drop us a line, we'd love to know people are on their way soon as its live. 

We are not looking for any classes in particular, but the great thing about Rift is.. You can change that around later :)

- fitzpatrick -

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Which Hot Pants to Choose....Decisions....

Ok so, with the start of the new wardrobe feature. Allison decided that she wanted to fight in scantily clad underwear rather than armor that doesn't match. I have to match, geez! So I'm looking to you guys for help. I've dyed the rogue starting gear so that's it's a pretty pink color! (I love pink!!!) I just can't decide which bottoms to choose. I need your help! Fitz doesn't have a preference. Typical fiancé response. = P

  So we have totally pink!

Or brown like the top is with pink just around the top of the hotpants!

It's the decision! Help me decide!!! Which is cuter?!

Episode 5: We're Back!!

Yeah, I'm a little slow but here it is. Episode 5 went up on May 18th. In this episode we talk about 1.2 patch notes and a lot of them! We also go over the LFG system. Enjoy the show!

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